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Users and Roles

Give employees access to download images but not add or edit. Give departments access to different groups of images. Let photographers only upload images to the image bank, but not view or interact with the content of your media bank.

Batch Manage Images

Add tags and perform other commands on many images at the same time. Combining the batch function with our search engine permits you to easily make advanced selections.


Use predefined tags with one click. Select whether users can add custom tags or only tags defined by the administrator. Tag images directly when uploading or afterwards.

Crop and Resize

Export in individual dimensions or create a list of predefined measures and proportions.


You can Share a single image or multiple images as zip archives via link or email. The shared assets will receive a unique URL that expires after a period of time.

Open Archive and Press

Images marked as press photos are visible on a separate web page that can be designed to fit the look and feel of your web. Guest accounts with automatic login can be used for those customers who have a need to share more images. Guest accounts can search and navigate albums in selected archives.

Importing Metadata

The metadata of the images is automatically imported and is searchable. We help you to develop image work flows and import your existing images – you get a personal contact all the way through to a finished image bank!

Microsoft Office & Adobe

Search and insert images in Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud. Support for: Powerpoint, Word, Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.


Integrate with popular content platforms like Wordpress, Sitevision and Episerver.


We have a well documented and easy to use API that can be used by your IT staff to integrate the image bank in all systems. Contact us for more information.

Time Limited Use

Administrators can easily browse images with time limited use rights and employees are automatically prevented from downloading images were the use rights have expired.